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Research & On-boarding

Every project is expertly researched by industry experts and highly trained copy strategists. We take your on-boarding information and meld it with deep audience insights to craft winning copy that performs out the gate. 

Conversion Optimization

High quality sales copy is about more than just “sales”, its about engaging your audience, delivering your message, gaining trust, establishing a “relationship” and driving action such as: clicks, opt-ins. downloads and sales.  

Competitive Intelligence

We utilize BIG DATA and a myriad of competitive intelligence tools to uncover high-converting ads, landing pages, sales copy and marketing campaigns that are “winning” in your market. We then leverage this data to aid in crafting sales copy modeled after strategies we already know are producing strong ROI.

Execution & Publication

We optimize your sales copy to perform across target marketing channels, modifying them as necessary in order to ensure optimal performance. Our omni-channel approach works synergistically to your advantage, aiding in producing strong ROI across the board. 

Types of Work

Fun Facts About Our Sales Copywriting Team

8.5+ Million Words Written Across our Content Team

450+ Happy BrandBoostr Customers

$7.2 Million per Year in Directly Attributable Sales from Copy (likely more)

World Class Team of Talented Copywriters from the USA, UK, AU & UK

750,000+ Page One Keyword Rankings Earned from Our Content (likely more…hard to keep track)

Writers trained & certified in inbound marketing & conversion optimization, Holding over 70 Certifications

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Your business Is YOUR business. We guarantee to keep your information and content strategy confidential.

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Our team Is expertly vetted and trained in-house. We know you expect the best, and we aim to deliver on that expectation.

Proven Formulas

Our copy is based on data-backed, battle-tested campaigns that are "winning" in today's market. Your sales copy is modeled after these winning formulas, ensuring you hit the ground running.

Performance Focused

We know what works, melding performing strategies and tactics with your brand's unique voice and positioning in order to earn you more sales.

Types of Sales Copy

Sales Copy for EVERY Business Need! 

Whether you’re a small mom and pop business, or a multi-national corporation, our team is capable and ready to deliver the goods. 

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Misc. Sales Copy

Email, Outreach, Ads, etc.
$ 99.99

/ Starting at
  • Basic SEO Optimization
  • 1-5 Keywords
  • Blog Posts
  • Standard Articles
  • Premium PBNs
  • Non-Technical Content
  • Informational Topics

Landing Pages

Websites / Landers
$ 399.99

/ Starting at
  • Advanced Conversion Rate Optimization
  • Powered by Competitive Intelligence
  • Expertly Tailored to Your Audience
  • Based on Winning Formulas
  • Design Element & Layout Suggestions
  • Perfect for Landing Pages, Service Pages & Home Pages

Custom Project

Custom Sales Copy & Scope
$ ?
  • Expert Consultation
  • Strategy Development
  • Competitive Intelligence
  • BIG Data-Driven Copy
  • Custom Scope
  • Channel Optimized Copy

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Frequently Asked Questions

Our in-house team is comprised of a highly-talented sales copywriters with a demonstrated track record of performance across a range of verticals. All of our writers are from the USA, UK, CA, and AU. The majority of our team has advanced college/university degrees and/or are experts in their area of specialty. Each writer goes through a vigorous vetting process and we try to match writers to orders in subject matters they have experience in or special knowledge of. Further, our team currently hold OVER 70+ INDUSTRY-LEADING CERTIFICATIONS in Sales, Sales Copy, Inbound Marketing, Conversion Rate Optimization and more.

In addition to their professional experience and aptitude for writing effective sales copy, each member of our copywriting team undergoes training that includes: basic and advanced CRO (conversion rate) optimization, sales copy fundamentals, readability, and style/formatting training.

That depends. Landing Page copy is typically best suited for pages that you intend to send “paid” traffic to. As an example, think about those web pages linked to from Facebook or Google Ads. These pages are optimized to CONVERT visitors into taking action (be it sales, opt-ins, clicks, etc.).

Outreach copy is perfect for: LinkedIn connection requests, cold or warm email campaigns, guest post or link insert requests, podcast interview placements, etc. 



NOTE: Have a unique use case or a specialized request? Reach out to support and let us know, we’d be happy to put together a custom sales copy project for you 🙂 

Once a sales copy order has been paid for and delivered, the copyright for that content is transferred to you to use as for see fit. This includes commercial and non-commercial rights for resale, distribution, publication, and modification. Further information regarding ownership rights can be found in our terms of service.

More often than not, the strategies and best practices of writing sales copy are often in direct opposition of what is necessary to rank in Google. 

For example, in-depth information, semantically relevant topics, and larger word counts may be conducive to ranking, but almost always result in a decreased conversion rate.

In contrast, sales copy is singularly focused on getting the visitor to take action. It focuses on elements such as urgency, pain points, benefits, overcoming challenges, offering solutions, and making an emotional connection with the audience. 

TIP: If you need your “sales copy” to also RANK ON GOOGLE, let us know. We have specialized strategies to help you get the “best of both worlds”. 

Of Course! Check out samples HERE. Don’t see what you’re looking for? Contact our support team and we’ll see if we can find something closer to your requirements to look at.

We provide unlimited free revisions in the rare case of any grammatical errors and for the absence of anything asked for in the instructions that are missing. We’re good at following directions, but are not mind readers, so please be thorough on the order forms.

We also allow ONE round of line edits for landing pages and other sales copy. Please note that this is NOT an entirely NEW re-write. These would be individual edits to various phrasing and wording throughout the document. 

Additional rounds of line edits and/or ENTIRE new re-writes can be purchased at a DEEP DISCOUNT.

Subject to availability, yes! It is often beneficial to work with the same writer or writer(s) who are accustomed to your brand’s voice, style and context. Each content piece is tagged with an internal ID we can match to the author. Just let us know which content pieces you especially enjoyed and we can highlight that author internally for your future projects.

Occasionally there is a situation where a writer just wasn’t able to embody the style or voice a brand was looking for. It’s rare, but it can happen. Not every match is made in heaven. Just let us know which content piece missed the mark and we can “blacklist” that writer from any of your future orders.

A link to your content in Google Docs or Word File will be uploaded to your dedicated Customer Portal as well as emailed to you upon completion.

Due to the elastic nature of demand, research time, our unique competitive intelligence methodology, and the creative effort needed to curate high-quality sales copy, the exact turnaround times vary.

We strive to deliver small orders in 5 business days, medium orders in 5-10 business days, and large orders in 10-20 business days. Again, this may vary quite a bit depending on a large number of factors.

Have a specific deadline? Let us know and we’ll work to accommodate your needs 🙂