Content Optimization that Outsmarts Google


INCREASE RANKING, and DRIVE ROI with content optimization powered by advanced correlative analysis and MILLIONS of data points.

The Data-Driven way to OUTSMART Google!

Stop Wasting $ On Content that Doesn’t Rank

Don’t waste another dollar on content that “guesses” what Google wants.

How it works

Step 1: BIG Data

Google analyzes and weights up to 200+ ranking factors…so should you. 



We utilize advanced tools and a layered approach to data collection, sorting, filtration and weighting of information in order to better understand what is happening on page one of Google.


Step 2: Correlative Analysis

We utilize a myriad of industry-leading correlative and analytical tools to determine what Google is ‘rewarding’ with #1 Rankings in the SERPS.

Tools leveraged include Page Optimizer Pro, Surfer SEO, CORA, and our own in-house formula to identify these “best practices” and implement them in your content.

Elements such as: keyword densities, semantic language, entities, NLP properties, Rank Brain elements, and more.

Step 3: Competitive Deep Dive

Our competitive analysis goes well beyond just “data” and on-page factors.

We look at content organization, tonality, quality, references, technical prowess, the way the topic is embodied and communicated on page, and more to understand why your competition is outranking you. 

Step 4: The Winning Formula

We take all of the data and information from Steps 1-3 above to find the WINNING FORMULA for your content.



By compiling and analyzing BIG data, we can reverse-engineer what Google is REWARDING with PAGE ONE & POSITION ONE rankings.



We then apply these principles to YOUR content, giving you a leg up on your market and an unfair advantage over the competition.


Is Your Content Getting the Traffic it Deserves?

Your website and its content is (or should be) your company’s BEST sales and service representative, 

working 24/7/365 without ever taking a day off work.


But your website can only do its job when it’s pages and content is positioned front and 

central for prospective customers and clients to find it.


Let us SEO OPTIMIZE your content and help you earn 

the RANKING, TRAFFIC & SALES you deserve.


Gain an Unfair Advantage Over the Competition

Rank faster in the SERPS and dominate over the competition

Do it Yourself Optimization

*No max word count per page
$ 59
  • Everything you Need to Optimize your Pages with Easy to Follow “How To” Instructions
  • Advanced Content Analysis
  • Top Optimized Meta Titles
  • Top Optimized Meta Descriptions
  • Top Ranking Competitor Content
  • Suggested Rank Brain Elements
  • Suggested FAQ (if applicable)
  • Ideal Word Count
  • # Of Ideal Headings
  • # Of Ideal Paragraphs
  • # of Bold Words to Include
  • Optimal Number Of Images
  • NLP Analysis
  • TF-IDF
  • Entity Analysis
  • Primary Keywords + Densities
  • Secondary Keywords + Densities
  • Relevant Semantic Keywords
  • Internal Linking Optimization
  • External Linking Optimization
  • Comprehensive Report
  • DIY Instructions

Done For You Optimization

*Maximum of 2000 words per page* *Additional Pages @ $129.99*
$ 159
  • We do EVERYTHING for you. Sit back and let us make sure your content RANKS.
  • Advanced Content Analysis
  • Optimized Meta Title
  • Optimized Meta Description
  • Optimized H-Tags
  • Rank Brain Elements
  • FAQ (if applicable)
  • *Optimized Word Count
  • Optimized Headings
  • Enhanced Readability
  • Improved Scanability
  • NLP Elements
  • TF-IDF Optimization
  • Primary Keyword Optimization
  • Secondary Keyword(s) Optimization
  • Semantic Keyword(s) Optimization
  • Entity Inclusion and Optimization
  • GEO Optimization (if applicable)
  • Internal Linking Optimization
  • External Linking Optimization
  • Comprehensive Report

Whole Site Optimization

*Custom Pricing*

  • Interested in Optimizing the content across your whole website?
  • Have a big list of specific pages you need to rank?
  • Need something custom?
  • We offer bulk discounts.

What Our Customers are Saying About Us

We don’t like to brag, but our customers do…

Frequently Asked Questions

Blog posts, guest posts, local service pages, affiliate reviews, product reviews, “best of” reviews, and more. Not sure? Just ask 🙂

This is common. More content isn’t always the answer, but in some cases additional content may be needed in order to adequately optimize for Google RankBrain, user intent, relevancy and more.

Our content optimization service includes up to 300 words of additional content at no additional cost. During checkout, you will be asked if wish to be notified if the data tells us that more content is advisable.

In such cases you may pay for additional word count at our standard rates. If you choose NOT to be notified, or if you opt to NOT have us add additional content, we will weight the existing word count against the correlative data to adjust optimizations based on the existing content.

Due to the unique nature of sales copy written for conversions and not SEO, modification of that content to fit SEO standards may impact conversion rates negatively. As such we do not offer this particular service for “sales copy”. However, if you would like to discuss a customized approach to optimizing your sales copy please reach out and we can look at some options.

Although many of our competitors shy away from optimizing eCommerce pages, we enjoy the challenge. However, optimizing eCommerce content for SEO will usually require a lot of extra text given that many of your pages likely are simple showcasing product images, specs, etc.
This text can be distractive, taking away from the CTR on products. Due to this, we recommend that additional text be dispersed throughout the page, in accordions, and/or below the fold or under/after your featured products or product carousels.

Due to the unique nature of Google and the ever-changing landscape of SEO, we cannot guarantee any specific ranking results. However, virtually all pages we optimize see improvements.

Optimizing pages is a manual and time-intensive task. But we’re all on a deadline. We get that.

Our team works as expeditiously as possible to get your content optimized as quickly as we can without cutting corners. The exact timeframe depends on how many pages you need optimized, the length/word count of those pages, how much additional content needs to be added (if any), and to some degree, the complexity of the niche.

All that said, we shoot for 5 business days for smaller orders and 10 business days for larger orders.

Not at all. We just need your URL and for your site to be accessible to us on the web. If you have a staging environment we would need the URL of that environment so that we can visually see the content that needs to be optimized. Optimization of the content takes place in our own environment (offline) where we can apply our framework, run big data analysis and more.

The process requires a unique skill set and advanced understanding of how to apply the results of our data and correlative analysis to your content. As such, we cap the word count limit per page at 2000 so as to prevent abuse (i.e. orders for pages of 5000+ words for example), and to ensure our USA based team earns a fair wage for their dedication to helping you rank and bank.
If you have pages that are LONGER than 2000 words, you will be able to increase the word count at checkout to accommodate your specific needs.

Our “done for you” service includes up to 300 words of additional text (if needed) at no additional cost. Additional word count if advisable may be added on at our standard content writing prices.

Due to the resource-intensive nature of the service, there are no refunds offered once an order has been placed and we have initiated the work. However, if you catch us fast enough, we may be able to refund you before any work begins.

Typically, most clients begin to see results within 7-14 days post-publication of the newly optimized content. However, there are a number of factors that can affect this timeline such as off-site SEO (i.e. backlinks), Google algorithm changes, SEO implemented by competitors, and more.

All we need on the order form is your primary keyword/keyword phrase, the webpage URL (where the content is published) and a few other details regarding your existing content and targeted audience. If you run into any questions don’t hesitate to reach out. We’re always happy to help.

We track results internally in order to ensure quality assurance and efficacy of our strategies, tactics and implementation. We do not provide ongoing keyword tracking for customers of this service due to the associated ongoing monthly costs. However, if you would like to explore the option of a fully managed Content or SEO service package please reach out.

*We reserve the right to use screenshots (blacking out your URLs and brand name) as part of our marketing and promotional materials.

We would love to sit on the phone and talk shop and strategy with all of our customers and prospective customers alike, however, due to the number of campaigns we manage, we know that it is in our client’s best interests that our time is spent on the optimization of their campaigns and providing the highest quality service possible.
Specific questions prior to ordering are best handled by our support staff via our “live chat” system or by emailing