Keyword Research Guide

Keyword Research Guide

From $1 to Your Next Million

Banking from Organic Ranking Starts with the RIGHT KEYWORDS

Innovative Keyword Strategies

INCREASE RANKING and DRIVE TRAFFIC With Keyword Tactics Used by Top Affiliates, Industry “gurus”, and Authority Sites to BANK HARD

The Data-Driven way to OUTSMART Google…and CRUSH the Competition!

Stop Spinning Your Wheels
Targeting Keywords that Won’t Rank

Use our Proprietary Keyword Research Tactics Instead

BrandBoostr BRK Model

Our BRK (BrandBoostr Ranking Keywords) model was developed over years of intensive research and big data analysis. 


This strategy uses a tiered approach to content clusters that shows you the exact formulas needed to find the right keywords that will RANK fast, and bank HARD.


From Framework to Implementation

Our BRK model doesn’t just give you the roadmap, we provide you with step-by-step tactics on finding the exact keywords you need to dominate the SERPS.


This model takes a progressive approach, uniquely leveraging powered up content clusters to LEVEL UP month to month.


The result? Maximum impact with little to NO required money on “off-site” SEO (i.e. Backlinks). 

Ideal for Any Business Model

From Affiliate Websites, to Lead Gen, Local Service Businesses and everything in-between, this guide handles it all.


We map out a calendar approach for sites of any age or position in their respective niche market. Follow the monthly strategy, or adjust as needed to suit your budget, timeline and goals.

What you Get with Your Purchase

A winning keyword formula to find targets for any niche and budget.


Reverse clustering technique to power up pages incrementally targeting higher competition keywords.


How to guide on applying these principles to YOUR content, giving you a leg up on your market and an unfair advantage over the competition.


Find More Opportunities FASTER

Our guide was designed to help you find MORE and BETTER Keyword Opportunities FAST.


The easy-to-follow processes can be implemented in-house or passed off to an Assistant.


It’s time you got the RANKING, TRAFFIC & SALES you deserve.


Gain an Unfair Advantage Over the Competition

Rank faster in the SERPS with LESS EFFORT!!!

*Some Tools Such as AHREFs or SEMRush Required*

Keyword Booster

$ 299
  • Everything you Need to Dominate on Google and LEVEL UP

  • Proprietary BRK Keyword Technique
  • Advanced Topical Clustering Strategy
  • Cluster Boosting / Leveling Up
  • Internal Linking Strategy
  • Monthly Implementation Strategy
  • SEVEN (7) Unique KW Finding Strategies

Keyword Booster & Content Topic Planning Guide

$ 299
  • Establishing the Game Plan
  • Melding KW Research + Topics
  • Running a Competitive Gap Analysis
  • Prioritizing the Right Content
  • 7 KILLER Content Idea Strategies
  • Comprehensive Report

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Frequently Asked Questions

This guide includes SEVEN (7) high value, tactical, ZERO FLUFF keyword tactics that deliver MASSIVE value from day one. But wait, that’s not all….See what else is included below.

LEVEL UP LIKE MARIO keyword strategy to find low-med competition keywords that can be leveraged in a tiered approach to POWERUP medium to high competition pages FAST and AFFORDABLY!

Reverse Cluster Strategy and content planning schedule for sites of varying authority, age and growth objectives.

Proprietary BOOSTER RANK keyword formula! Can be applied to ANY keyword found with the methods in this guide and used to discover opportuntiies to RANK WITHIN THE TOP 30-50 results in MINUTES and the FIRST PAGE of Google within DAYS!

Some of the tactics in this guide will require the use of your favorite keyword research tools such as AHREFs or SEMRush. Other tactics involve the use of low cost or free browser extensions. In all cases, most tools offer a FREE trial during which you can uncover a TON of keywords to get you started.

Once you have paid, our team will process your order and you should have your guide the same day (often within hours). In some cases it may take up to 24 hours to process your order. In either case you will get a confirmation of your purchase and access to your client panel immediately.

The guide will be delivered via email, and as a link to download from Google Drive or DropBox. Format will be PDF. However, we can also upload a Google Doc or provide in Word format if you have any issues.

Absolutely. We get it. Time is money and you have a limited amount of both. Under our GROWTH SHOP link in the menu we offer both keyword and content idea services. Leave the research and grunt work to us, while you reap all of the rewards.

Absolutely. We get it. Time is money and you have a limited amount of both. Under our GROWTH SHOP link in the menu we offer both keyword and content idea services. Leave the research and grunt work to us, while you reap all of the rewards.

Sorry fam. No refunds on our guides. Once you have them you are in possession of our proprietary knowledge and there are no takebacks :). Trust us, these guides are well worth it and can be used to earn thousands. 

This depends on your niche, effort, quality of content produced and more. We can’t say definitively. The most successful clients stick to the plan, roll up their sleeves, and put in the work. Your competitors are working hard. So should you 🙂 

We would love to sit on the phone and talk shop and strategy with all of our customers and prospective customers alike, however, due to the number of campaigns we manage, we know that it is in our client’s best interests that our time is spent on the optimization of their campaigns and providing the highest quality service possible.
Specific questions prior to ordering are best handled by our support staff via our “live chat” system or by emailing