B2B Lead Generation

RED HOT Sales Appointments with prospects that are READY and EXCITED to hear about you and your offer!

Sales is HARD, but generating a steady flow of FRESH leads ready to talk
about your offers shouldn’t be.

REAL Sales Appointments for Your Business

That’s right, we generate actual SALES APPOINTMENTS for your business, NOT “leads”. These prospects are interested in your offer and have agreed to discuss further.

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Performance Guaranteed 

Close Deals Like a BOSS and RETIRE on a beach in Cabo!

We Have Generated Millions For Businesses

Over the last decade our teams have helped businesses generate millions in Revenue.


How about we add you to that list?


Lead Generation Services

Our dedicated lead gen division is comprised of tactical experts that thrive on building relationships and delivering value. Customized prospecting & outreach campaigns to help your business drive sales and crush the competition.

LinkedIn Lead Generation

Leverage a network of over 500 MILLION to earn highly qualified leads and make valuable connections.

Cold Email

Seasoned copywriters and hyper-focused prospecting that gets RESULTS and drives LEADS.

Cold Calling

We deliver value and build genuine relationships while promoting your brand.

Conversational Leads

Our SECRET sauce. We monitor social media, blogs, forums and more for prospects LOOKING for the solutions you offer.

Lead Feeds

Our deep industry relationships provide us access to 3 MILLION+ INBOUND short and long form leads monthly.


Strategic partnership and alliances that bring in new business like clockwork.

Sales: the Catalyst That Drives Success

Let us Earn you vetted SALES APOINTEMENTS daily…on autopilot.


We turn targeted data and vetted lists of prospects into an audience that is not only INTERESTED in your offers, but READY and EXCITED to learn more about how you can help their business thrive.


What are you waiting for?

Why We’re the BEST in the BIZ

Our LeadBoostr service was created BY sales professionals FOR sales professionals. 

We know firsthand the time and effort it takes to:

Prospecting is Boring

But don’t worry, we’ve got you covered….

Why spend countless hours and resources gathering data and prospecting for potential leads when you can engage our services to handle the heavy lifting?


We make sure each and every day you wake up to an inbox or calendar FULL of appointments and HOT prospects ready to learn more about your offers.


What are you waiting for?


If you purchase 20 sales appointments a month, we deliver 20 booked 

sales appointments per month. 

Period. End of story. 

But, since the only things 100% certain in life are death and taxes, IF (and it’s a big “if”) we would ever not be able to deliver, you’ll get a 100% refund for the difference in sales appointments ordered vs the number booked, no questions asked.  And we’ll likely throw in some additional FREE bonuses for good measure.

That’s just how we do business. 

To us, there is no better measure of success than a happy customer. 

And we aim to please.

LeadBoostr Packages

Pay Per Lead

$ 10-65 /lead
  • *Subject to Niche Availability*
  • Pay As You Go
  • Buy 1 Lead or 100
  • No Commitments or Contracts
  • Laser Targeted Customer Avatars
  • Verified Contact Information
  • Inbound Email Leads
  • Inbound Contact Form Leads
  • Inbound Phone Calls
  • Set Appointments

Lead Gen Campaign

$ 1250-8000+
  • Leads Guaranteed 40-300+/month
  • Laser Targeted Customer Avatars
  • Verified Contact Information
  • Multi-Touchpoint Campaigns
  • Appointment Calendar Integration
  • Sales Support
  • Professional Onboarding
  • Inbound Phone Calls
  • Inbound Contact Form Leads
  • Set Appointments
  • Inbound Email Leads
  • Inbound LinkedIn Leads*
  • Social Leads
  • Lead Feeds*
  • Bonus Prospect Data
  • Strategic Partnerships

Inbound Lead Feeds

$ 500-5000 /month/Feed
  • *Subject to Niche Availability*
  • Hundreds of Leads Monthly
  • Leads for Pennies on the Dollar!
  • NOT data…actual inbound leads!
  • *Includes opt-in/IP/timestamp proof*
  • *B2C feeds available*
  • Inbound Short Form Leads
  • Inbound Long Form Leads
  • Co-Registration Leads
  • Non-Exclusive Leads


Once we know what you need, our mad scientists will work to

Get you a price quote ASAP that fits your budget.


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Frequently Asked Questions

This particular service focuses on B2B lead generation and is not suitable for B2C businesses. With over a decade in the lead generation business, our team has extensive experience serving a wide range businesses operating in over 50+ niches and verticals. Curious if your business would be a good fit? Reach out and lets chat.

You can lead a horse to water but you can’t make it drink. In other words, we’ll get you to the playoffs but your team still needs to perform on the field to take home the “win”. We’re generating “leads” and interested prospects, not sales. Your job is to educate, consult and persuade them as to why your solution/business is the most appropriate for their needs/wants. A big part of this process is FOLLOWING UP and TIME TO FIRST CONTACT. People lead very busy lives, especially those in business. While many deals close in one phone call, having an appropriate nurturing and follow up process is VITAL to getting the most out of your purchase.

Need help with sales or management of your sales team? Reach out to be placed on our waitlist. We’ve closed millions of dollars of deals and can help you do the same.

We make a good faith effort to follow all appropriate legal and regulatory practices, guidelines, rules and laws.

Our business has consulted with, and has on contract, talented legal minds with law firms located worldwide.

MONTHLY RETAINER: Our monthly retainer involves setting up custom campaigns specifically for YOUR unique business and offer. Branding, and all marketing and supplementary pre-sales materials, will be custom-made for your company/offer. This generally results in a smoother transition for the prospect and higher closing rates. You also get access to a dedicated account representative, sales support materials, exclusivity for your geographical market (*subject to terms), a guaranteed minimum number of leads per month (we generally over-deliver at no extra charge), and other perks to make sure you’re well taken care of.

PAY PER LEAD: Lead generation campaigns are set up for generic offers and verticals. For example, if you offer Social Media Marketing, our campaigns will be tailored to providing that service, but without your branding or company name attached to the offer, domain, or marketing materials. These leads may be purchased in “packs” for a one-time fee and will be delivered in near real time (or same day) depending on the source.

We get asked this a LOT. Especially once the leads start rolling in. Because we deliver a steady stream of leads, many small businesses without dedicated sales reps simply can’t keep up with the new prospects and work. While this is a nice problem to have, it also is a major bottleneck for growth. We do not handle direct hiring of sales reps for clients, but we will be providing and making available resources to help you with your own hiring efforts and to ensure you have the best talent possible.

SOON! Contact us to get on a waiting list.

We have experience training teams of up to 45 on high-ticket sales. The teams we’ve trained and managed have generated upwards of $14 Million in a single month (a record for us).

We do not directly manage sales teams except in very special circumstances such as with a strategic partnership.

However, we will be providing training for any sales managers you have in place to help them get the most from their teams.

Do to the labor and resource-intensive nature of the service, as well as the value of each lead, we do not offer a free trial. However, we can provide a sample of past data.

Of course! We don’t’ have any “free” trials but are happy to share with you some sample data of what you could expect to see if you hired us.

Absolutely. Many agencies simply don’t have the bandwidth or a dedicated team in-house to handle the unique nature of cold outreach, lead gen and appointment setting.
Reach out to discuss bulk rates and potential partnerships.

This is a tough one to answer. That’s like asking what the average conversion rate on websites is (websites convert around 2-3% on average btw).

But as you well know, some sites convert at 20+% while others don’t make a dime. What we can guarantee is the process and quality of our leads. The process is straightforward and transparent.
What we cannot control, is how good your sales reps are at closing deals from this kind of lead channel.

We have clients that close into the double digits at scale, while others struggle (and likely need to take advantage of our sales training).

For most of our clients it takes closing only 1-5 clients out of every 100 leads to earn a positive ROI.

In reality you should be closing WAY MORE than 1-5/100 leads.

Absolutely. We guarantee that our leads meet the required qualifications outlined in each package. Any that do not will be replaced FREE of charge. In the event that we cannot deliver the number of leads ordered you will get a refund for the prorated number of leads not delivered as well as a bonus.