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Expertly researched content crafted by industry experts and highly trained authors. Our award winning writers will turn your ideas into well-written, engaging content that captivates your audience. 

Conversion Optimization

High quality content is about more than just a well-written page of text. Its about engaging your audience, delivering your message, gaining trust, and driving action such as: clicks, opt-ins, downloads and sales.  

SEO Optimization

With over IS yrs of experience in SEO, our team knows how to write content that is optimized to rank. We employ the best SEO tools to ensure your content never misses the mark. From search intent. to voice search. RankBrain, semantic relevancy and local GEO optimization. we have you covered. 

Strategy & Research

Writing content is one thing. Mapping out a strategic content plan designed to leverage key opportunities In the market, and optimized to generate maximum ROI is another. We can help you strategically plan out a monthly content plan that will drive traffic, conversions, and sales like clockwork .


Types of Work

Fun Facts About Our Content Team

6.5+ Million Words Written

450+ Happy Customers

$3.7+ Million Generated from Sales Copy

World Class Team of Talented Journalists, Authors and Bloggers from the USA, UK, AU & CA

750,000+ Page One Keyword Rankings Earned from Our Content (likely more…hard to keep track)

Writers trained & certified in SEO, readability and conversion rate optimization

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Hiring BrandBoostr is one of the best decisions we’ve made this year. The value and expertise they’ve brought to the table, coupled with competitive pricing and results speaks for itself.

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Your business Is YOUR business. We guarantee to keep your information and content strategy confidential.

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Our team Is expertly vetted and trained in-house. We know you expect the best, and we aim to deliver on that expectation.

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Writing good content takes time & energy away from running your business. And bad copy can cost you sales. trust and reputation. Let us handle the heavy lifting while you close more deals.

Performance Focused

Content is only as good as Its ability to connect with the target audience and drive action. Our content is SE0- optimized and crafted to increase sales. conversions, and leads.

Types of Content

Content for EVERY Business Need! 

Whether you’re a small mom and pop business, or a multi-national corporation, our team is capable and ready to deliver the goods.


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Premium Content

Basic SEO Optimization
$ 8
/100 Words
  • Basic SEO Optimization
  • 1-5 Keywords
  • Blog Posts
  • Standard Articles
  • Premium PBNs
  • Non-Technical Content
  • Informational Topics

Premium PLUS+

Advanced SEO Optimization + Basic CRO Optimization
$ 12
/100 Words
  • Advanced SEO Optimization
  • Free Relevant Images
  • 5-10 Keywords
  • Specialized Niches and Topics
  • Premium Blog Posts
  • Product Reviews & Descriptions
  • Premium Guest Posts

Authority Content

Surfer SEO Optimization + Advanced CRO Optimization
$ 18
/100 Words
  • Surfer SEO Optimization
  • Free Relevant Images
  • 10+ Keywords
  • Service Pages
  • Persuasive Copy
    (not landing page sales copy)
  • Authoritative Industry Content
  • Press Releases (writing only)
  • Top Tier Guest Posts
  • Academic / Technical
  • Media, Whitepaper, Ebook

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Frequently Asked Questions

Our in-house team of writers is comprised of a highly talented pool of professional bloggers, journalists, and published authors. All of our writers are Native English speakers and are from the USA, UK, CA, and AU. The majority of our team has advanced college/university degrees and/or are experts in their area of specialty. Each writer goes through a vigorous vetting process and we try to match writers to orders in subject matters they have experience in or special knowledge of.

In addition to their professional experience and aptitude for the art of writing, each member of our content team undergoes training that includes: basic and advanced SEO optimization, conversion rate optimization, copywriting fundamentals, readability, and style/formatting training.

Each level of service aims to provide exceptional results for our clients, however, with each increased tier comes a number of benefits that may be better suited to the type of content and result you hope to achieve.


Authority Content: This tier allows you to tap into our TOP talent at BrandBoostr. These writers are the same authors you see published on major websites such as Forbes, Inc., CNN, and more. This tier is the most appropriate for top tier guest posts, complicated or technical content, specialized industries, persuasive copy (borderline sales copy), whitepapers and more. When you want to stand out as the leader in your field, this is the package you want.


Premium PLUS+: This is our most popular tier, blending affordability with exceptional talent and results. Best of all, it includes advanced SEO optimization. This tier leverages some of our best talent and is perfect for local service pages (such as doctors, lawyers, roofers, HVAC, etc.), detailed product reviews, additional formatting and instructions, premium blog posts, product descriptions and more.


Premium Content: Our value service level. Premium content is handled by our rock-solid writers, providing you with high-quality money site content your brand can be proud of. The major difference? We spend less time on SEO (basic optimization), editorial polish, and research. This is often the perfect tier for basic informational blog posts for niches that aren’t very specialized. For example, medical and legal niches wouldn’t be a great fit. Neither would be service pages or product reviews.


NOTE: Have a unique use case or a specialized request? Reach out to support and let us know, we’d be happy to see if we can accommodate 🙂

Once a content order has been paid for and delivered, the copyright for that content is transferred to you to use as for see fit. This includes commercial and non-commercial rights for resale, distribution, publication, and modification. Further information regarding ownership rights can be found in our terms of service.

Absolutely. We pay for Copyscape Premium for use in our business. Rest assured that every content piece will be uniquely written just for you.

However, due to the nature of the internet there are certain stipulations with regards to our CopyScape policy. For example, once you publish the content online, on blogs, in guest posts, etc. it will no longer be “unique” and will show up in CopyScape for those web properties.

In order to prevent abuse we have a limited timeframe and other stipulations regarding our CopyScape replacement policy. Further information can be found in our Terms of Service.

Of Course! Check out samples HERE. Don’t see what you’re looking for? Contact our support team and we’ll see if we can find something closer to your requirements to look at.

We provide unlimited free revisions in the rare case of any grammatical errors and for the absence of anything asked for in the instructions that are missing. We’re good at following directions, but are not mind readers, so please be thorough on the order forms.

At our Premium+ and Authority content levels we allow one round of “line edits” for re-phrasing sentences or rewriting a random paragraph here or there. Please note that this does not include rewriting of a substantial portion of the content.

Subject to availability, yes! It is often beneficial to work with the same writer or writer(s) who are accustomed to your brand’s voice, style and context. Each content piece is tagged with an internal ID we can match to the author. Just let us know which content pieces you especially enjoyed and we can highlight that author internally for your future projects.

Occasionally there is a situation where a writer just wasn’t able to embody the style or voice a brand was looking for. It’s rare, but it can happen. Not every match is made in heaven  . Just let us know which content piece missed the mark and we can “blacklist” that writer from any of your future orders.

A link to your content in Google Docs or Word File will be uploaded to your dedicated Customer Portal as well as emailed to you upon completion.

Due to the elastic nature of demand and the creative effort needed to curate high-quality content, exact turnaround times vary. We strive to deliver small orders in 5 business days, medium orders in 5-10 business days, and large orders in 10-20 business days.

Have a specific deadline? Let us know and we’ll work to accommodate your needs 🙂