SEO Keyword Research

Leverage the POWER of BIG Data and Artificial Intelligence to Find EASY to RANK Keywords the Bring TRAFFIC and Drive CONVERSIONS

Cutting Edge Keyword Research

We Find Impactful Keywords That You Can Actually Rank 

Intelligent Research = RESULTS

We use innovative keyword research strategies developed ‘in-house’ and guaranteed to find you unique opportunities that the competition is sleeping on.

High Impact, Low Competition

1000+ Traffic Volume, Low Referring Domains

This package combines the opportunity of high traffic and user intent with the ability to rank with minimal effort.

Affiliate Keywords

We utilize proprietary formulas to find you impressive affiliate keywords that you can easily dominate and bank on month after month.

Breaking News & Trends Keywords

The NEXT Generation of NEWSJACKING!!!

We use sophisticated software to analyze in REAL TIME emerging trends and niche-relevant topics you can quickly capitalize on to DRIVE INSANE amounts of traffic FAST.



"How to" Keywords

Perfect for providing SOLUTIONS (products, services and DIY guides and products), our “How To” keyword packages focus on HIGH intent, low competition keywords you can profit from.

The Keywords SEO Ninjas Are Using to BANK HARD

Hit the Ground Running with Keywords Research You Can Put into ACTION

Supercharge Your Content


Content might reign supreme on Google, but just because you build it, doesn’t mean they 

(visitors) will come. Don’t blindly waste time, energy and resources ($) on writing content 

that has no chance of ranking. 




What Our Customers are Saying About Us

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Frequently Asked Questions

The services on this page are for keyword planning and research only. We provide you with the right keywords to help you rank with minimal effort. If you would like us to also write the content for you please visit our “Content Writing” service in the “Growth Shop” menu at the top of this page 🙂 

This service provides you with keywords only. If you would like us to write catchy, high CTR, keyword-rich titles, please visit our Sales Copy page and submit a custom order for a price quote.

We have many clients that like to write the content themselves but hire us to write 20, 30, 50+ blog titles, H1 title tags and meta-descriptions.

Our content writing service presumes you have already done your research and are coming to us with a TOPIC to write about. We require that you provide us 1-2 primary keywords per page when ordering content writing. 

Depending on the type of content ordered, we will use that topic in conjunction with the targeted keywords to uncover additional relevant keywords the content will be optimized for.

HOWEVER, if you want that content optimized for a specific type of keyword, such as those offered on this webpage, you may want to order a keyword package and provide it to us when ordering your content.

Yep. We always deliver what we say. You will get keywords of the type and amount ordered. What you do with those is up to you. There are a LOT of factors outside of our control that can impact how well your content performs.

For example, keyword placement on page, semantic relevancy, keyword clusters, readability, quality of prose, grammar, content relevancy to search intent, RankBrain elements, off page SEO, timing, newly published competitor content and SEO, etc.

Because of this, we cannot make any specific guarantees as to where your page will rank once written. 

Due to the nature of the service, once work has been completed and delivered there are NO REFUNDS for this service. However, at our discretion we may replace keywords that are not a good fit. We often strive to overdeliver on keywords provided so this is typically never an issue.

Absolutely. We’re happy to take your primary and/or secondary keywords into consideration and to use those as a focus for your package. 

In the event that no good opportunities are available for those specific keywords, we will find related keywords with similar search intent.

Our keyword can be used across a variety of mediums online to help you rank, earn traffic, and ultimately profit. The primary focus of our keywords is for earning traffic from Google, however, many of our keywords are also applicable for use on social networks such as Quora, Reddit and YouTube.

Keywords are perfect for content on your money site, from affiliate sites to authority sites and everything in-between. Low competition, high value keywords are also perfect for use on ‘parasite’ pages such as Medium, Google Sites, Weebly, and others.

YES! We believe in empowering our clients to be successful. A big part of that incorporates educating customers on leading-edge tactics and strategies that they can put into action immediately.

If you are interested in learning more about the Boostr Keyword Guide please visit our dedicated page uder the “Guides/DIY” menu link. 

Typically 3-5 business days. Large orders may take longer.