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Your Very Own Link Building Team

Your Plan Comes with a Dedicated Guest Post and Publishing Coordinator,
Managing and Optimizing your Campaign Daily

Breaking Down The Process

1. On-boarding

Help us learn more about your brand, story, goals, and more. Tell us what makes you or your company unique and how we can help earn you more links.

2. Target Websites

Our research team vets target sites per your requirements, finding the contacts at those sites most likely to resonate with your brand and campaign angles.

3. Contact Recon

Next, our team does a deep data dive on those contacts, learning about their personal and professional history, likes, dislikes, and more.

4. Relational Outreach

Initial outreach to contacts takes a genuine relationship-building approach. We form real connections with key individuals who will be excited to publish your content.

5. Perfect Pitch

Our team crafts the perfect pitch custom-tailored per each website, improving publishing rates and keeping costs down.

6. Reporting

Transparent and clear reporting on deliverables so you'll always know you got what you paid for, and what's moving the needle on Google.

Results Driven Backlink Campaigns

THE GOAL: Backlinks, Ranking, Traffic, Sales and Brand Awareness

Backlinks that Move the Needle on SEO

Put our decades  experience to work for you. Our team has connected professionals, entrepreneurs, startups and brands with some of the world’s leading publications. 

Complete Media Solution:

Publication on the Best Websites

Over the Years We’ve Helped our Clients Earn Placements, Appearances and More on Some of the Most Coveted News, Media and Influencer Networks on the Planet.

DISCLAIMER: All logos and trademarks of news and media companies are the property of their respective IP holders. BrandBoostr is not associated with them in any way.


Don’t Spend $X,XXX for each individual paid media placement when you can earn them.

Reach out today and tell us about your DREAM Media Placements.

Proven Track Record of RESULTS

Hire a Team with a Proven Track Record of  Getting the Attention of Major Media.

Get published on industry-relevant, authoritative websites ranking on Google with REAL traffic.

Affordable, Fully Managed Link Acquisition

Earning consistent backlinks from QUALITY websites is expensive and time intensive for many brands. 

At BrandBoostr we utilize a proprietary process, battle-tested to deliver real-world results without breaking the bank.

The Most Underutilized Tool in Modern Marketing Mixes: Content

Content is one of the most underutilized tools by modern marketers. Most “agencies” and brands simply don’t have the bandwidth and internal resources, contacts, or streamlined processes in place to deliver consistent and reliable results at scale….all without burning through the budget.


At BrandBoostr we’ve made creating and leveraging content affordable for businesses of all sizes, having worked with multinational corporations to local mom and pop stores. 

We earn our clients:

Your Business Deserves Better Links

Let us help earn you white hat links that have a REAL IMPACT on RANKING


Link Booster

Phase I
$ 1499
  • *$199 Set Up Fee Waived with 3-Month Commitment*
  • Pay As You Go
    High-Value Link Opportunities
    High-Value Link Placements
  • 5+ Link Types Targeted
  • Proprietary Link Indexing
  • Link Inventory & Analysis
  • Personalized Outreach Accounts (email and phone) Setup
  • Competitor Link Analysis
  • Targeted Link Discovery
  • Link Placement Pitches
  • Media Pitches

Link Engage

Phase II
$ 2499
  • *$199 Set Up Fee Waived with 3-month Commitment
  • Pay As You Go
  • 2x MORE Links
  • 10+ Link Types Targeted
  • On-page Content Optimization Analysis (Up to 5 pages)
  • 30-minute Strategy/Consulting Session ($150 value)
  • Multiple Content Pieces Developed In-House by Our Team

Link Rocket

Phase III
$ 3499
  • *No Setup Fee*
  • Pay As You Go
    3x MORE Links
  • On-Page Optimization Analysis
    (Up to 10 Pages)

What Our Customers are Saying About Us

We don’t like to brag, but our customers do…

Frequently Asked Questions

At BrandBoostr we do things a little bit differently. We believe in earning our keep and delivering value. As such, we have set up our Link Packages to be 1-off orders, generally taking between 30-60 days to complete.


Our packages are set up in ‘Phases’, with Link Booster being Phase I, establishing a solid foundational approach to link building tailored to your site’s unique link profile and market positioning. 

Clients wishing to continue may order Phase I month-to-month, OR opt to toss some gas on the fire and increase link velocity and results by bumping up to Phase II, and later Phase III.

These stages are designed to mimic a natural increase in your site’s popularity, allowing you to safely push the envelope on link acquisition while completely dominating the SERPS.

Hey, what if I want to order a subscription anyway?

Who are we to stop you 🙂

Simply click on the “Monthly Subscription” option when checking out and you’ll be all set. If anything looks amiss we’ll reach out to help you get it sorted.

In true BrandBoostr fashion, of course we do! 



1. Completion of all deliverables outlined in the service
2. High authority backlinks (number varies per package….see question further down on # of links)
3. Impressive link opportunities

As you already know, SEO is both an art and a science, with backlinks being but one (major) component of ranking. Unfortunately for our bank accounts (and yours) we don’t control Google, nor have access to its increasingly complex algorithms. 

However, our proprietary process, from the identification of key site and link metrics to establishing authority and trust signals ensures your site and pages are poised for ranking, with the highest probability of success.


1. Other SEO Efforts that May Negatively Impact the Work that we Do for you

2. Technical On-Page optimization of the pages we send links to
3. Optimization and quality of the pages we send links to

Each of our link-building packages consist of several types of links as potential link-building opportunities. This increases both the natural link diversity of your site, as well as increases the total number of links achievable in your campaign.


1. Guest posts
2. Editorial links

3. News links

4. Media links

5. Niche edits 
6. Broken link replacements 

7. LinkDrop opportunities (learn more about our LinkDrops HERE

8. Conversional links (think natural high traffic forum links, NOT profile links)
9. Q&A links (think Quora optimized answers to questions)
10. High DA social media links (think DA80+ PA80+ Reddit Dofollow links, etc.)
11. Wikipedia link(s)
12. Paid / sponsored link placements (not publicly advertised so as to protect your site)
13. Link swap / link trade / reciprocal link opportunities 

14. Brand stacks (when appropriate, such as for a local site)

And more….

Of course. We’re here to support you at every step of the process.

This is a COMPLETE ‘done for you’ service. We handle everything from email accounts and business phone lines to do outreach and pitches, to data validation, link analysis software, and more.

In some cases we may (with your permission), leverage existing content on your site, data, accolades, awards, etc. to help you earn more links. We also typically produce several pieces of content to help earn you backlinks. 

*amount of content is based on that needed to achieve results, your niche, link targets, type of link, and the service level you ordered.

1. Infographic

2. Images / graphics
3. Data / research / survey
4. Article

5. Press release 

6. Video 

This varies wildly based on the niche, the quality of your website and other factors. We guarantee a minimum number of link opportunities in each of our packages. 

When combined with our news and media connections, your site will receive up to 40-80+ HIGH Authority Do-follow backlinks and up to 300+ no-follow links, as well as individual link placements by way of guest posts, niche edits/link insertions, and more.

Each package results in an increasing amount of link opportunities, scale, link power and results. 

Unlike many SEO agencies that charge on a monthly retainer, we charge based on the RESULTS we produce and deliver. Each campaign lasts between 30-60 days. You pay ONCE per campaign regardless of how long it takes for us to deliver.


Benefits of a 30-60 Day Campaign Duration:

1. This results in an organic backlinking pattern, protecting your site from any ‘unnatural backlinking penalties’


2. We ramp up link acquisition over time, mimicking a natural increase in your site’s popularity. This enables you to ramp up link building efforts over time without risking any negative impact to your site.


Due to the nature of Google, indexation rates, market competition in various niches and other factors, some clients see RESULTS start to show within a couple weeks. In other cases ranking increases take hold steadily over time, increasing up to 60-90 days post-completion of the campaign. 

Google often places increasing and compounding value on AGED links and content. 

Only as long as you want to 🙂 . We do not have any long term contracts.

The service is a month-to-month at your discretion. Of course if you would like to subscribe monthly for a ‘set it and forget it’ type of setup you can do so during checkout.

Yes and no.

Due to spam filters and editorial requirements, as well as our particular link acquisition strategies, we may not always be able to use the exact anchors you choose. In other cases, our link analysis may indicate that doing so could cause more harm than good (unnatural anchor penalty). 

That said, we work hard to ensure the links are contextually relevant to your site and niche, utilizing your chosen anchor keywords and phrases when appropriate.

We do not control any other third party site, however, we do make some guarantees with regards to links:

  • Wikipedia Links: 90-day guarantee (once they stick that long they tend to last over a year)
  • News/Media Links: 90-120 day guarantee 
  • Media Outreach links – no guarantee but generally 1-5+ years
  • LinkDrops – 1 year guarantee 
  • Premium and Authority Link Placements – 1-year guarantee 
  • Reddit DOFOLLOW Link – permanent


We get that not everyone can afford a fully managed monthly service package. Because of this we have an ENTIRE LINK SHOP where you can buy individual links and small link packages that pack a big punch! 

You betcha! 

Transparency is important to us, and to be honest, we really want to show off what we did 🙂 

Upon completion of your package you will receive several files detailing the links and work completed. Depending on the type of links acquired, these reports will likely vary from project to project.