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Breaking Down The Process

More Leads &Traffic

The right promotion can earn you a considerable amount of new leads, and targeted web traffic you can convert to sales, referrals and more.

Expand Market Reach

Everyone loves a good giveaway or promotion. Leverage your very own contest to increase brand awareness, audience reach, and reputation.

Email Opt-ins

Did you know ROI from Email Marketing can be as high as 4400%? Email is low cost and HIGH YIELD once you have a LIST. Earn 1000-100k+ opt ins per campaign!

SEO / Backlinks

Due to the viral nature of campaigns, and the number of sites looking to promote giveaways, these contests can earn you a boatload of high-quality links.

Social Followers

The impact of an engaged social audience cannot be understated. Earn 1000-10,000+ social followers, shares, likes and more!

Robust Reporting

Transparent and clear reporting on deliverables so you'll always know how effective your viral giveaway/contest performed.

Results Driven Viral Campaigns

THE GOAL: Followers, Leads, Traffic, Sales and Brand Awareness

Promos & Contests that Move the Needle

Get more from your next giveaway campaign! 

Complete Media Solution:

Gamify Your Brand's Growth!

The Most Underutilized Tool in Modern Marketing Mixes: Viral Contests

Viral promos and contests are one of the most underutilized tools by modern marketers. Yet, technological challenges, ‘compliance’, legalities, co-ordination, and marketing of the promo itself can be a challenge for many brands.


At BrandBoostr we’ve made launching your very own ‘giveaway’ or contest EASY and affordable.

We’ve helped businesses of all sizes, earn thousands (up to 100k+) opt in lists, followers, clicks, traffic, sales and more with a SINGLE campaign. 


We earn our clients:

Proven Track Record of RESULTS

Hire a Team with a Proven Track Record of  Getting Results.


The POWER of Gamification & Giveaways

Over 55 MILLION Americans Enter Giveaways Each Year!!!

70% of Business' Fail to Engage with Their Audience in a Meaningful Way

Benefits / Outcomes Possible:
*Results vary. Each Campaign is unique.

Affordable Pricing Focused on ROI

Need something custom? Don’t be afraid to reach out and make a deal.

Promo Booster

$ 799
  • LEGAL TERMS & CONDITIONS NOT INCLUDED* - $299 Add-on ($1500 value)
  • Single Campaign / Contest
  • 15-minute Consult
  • Assistance with Prize Selection *We can source high value low cost prizes
  • Campaign Setup & Execution
  • 30-day Campaign Duration
  • Built-in Viral Sharing / Referrals
  • Social Media Integration
  • Video Integration (YouTube)
  • Newsletter / Email Integration*
  • Polls / Survey Integration
  • Entry / Lead Export
  • Social Logins
  • WordPress Plugin Based
    (self-hosted on your own website)
  • Basic Fraud Prevention/Detection
  • Submission to Top Giveaway Sites
  • Get your Contest in Front of 15,000+ Daily Unique Users

Promo Engage

$ 1499
  • *Legal Terms and Conditions Included* ($1500 value)
  • Dedicated Campaign Manager
    & Priority Support
  • 60-day Campaign Duration
  • Plugin & Hosted Options
    (On your Site or a Dedicated Landing Page)
  • Compliance Audit (included)
  • Manual Submission to the Top 100 Giveaway Sites By Traffic
  • Press / News Announcement of Giveaway on 300+ Major Media Sites
  • Multiple SPONSORED/FEATURED Paid Spots on Premium Sites (500K+ monthly Reach)
  • Newsletter Inclusion to 40K+
    Double-Opt In List
  • *Advanced Fraud Protection
    w/ "Cheater Scoring"
  • *Lead Quality / Scoring
  • Pixel Tracking and Google Analytics

Promo Rocket

$ 2499
  • *$1500 Sweepstakes Legal Terms and Conditions Included*
  • Multi-Campaign Setup
  • Run Simultaneous Campaigns Combining Prize Pools (no extra cost)
  • We Broker Co-Sponsored Giveaways (lower prize costs, exponential exposure)

What Our Customers are Saying About Us

We don’t like to brag, but our customers do…

Frequently Asked Questions

The three key areas where these differ from one another include: the Prize(s), Chance (of winning), and Consideration (requirement to enter).

SWEEPSTAKES: Their is no purchase or “consideration” required to enter, with the winner of the Prize being selected at random from the pool of entries.

CONTEST:  A contest may (or may not) charge an entry fee, OR, require some act or acts (Consideration) in order to ‘earn’ entries. For example, a giveaway may be considered a contest if the entrant must submit a funny joke, essay or idea, with the Prize going to the entrant who was selected by a judge, panel of judges or by way of voting.

LOTTERY: A lottery always involves “Consideration”, usually in the form of a paid entry. Raffles whereby entrants must purchase tickets are also considered “lotteries”. The winner is selected by random drawing/chance from the pool of entries.

Need help or a consultation on what would be best for your business/goals? Each service package includes in-depth onboarding as well as a short consultative session. Additional consulting can be purchased in slots of 30-min.



1. Managed Start to Finish: Your giveaway will be planned, set-up, executed and promoted for the duration of the package selected.

2. Marketing Guarantees: Each service package has specific marketing guarantees. For example: promotion to a certain number of newsletter subscribers, promotion on a certain number of websites, press release announcement and promotion of the giveaway, etc.

But what about guaranteeing a specific number of leads, opt-ins, likes, followers, etc.?

Each brand, audience, product/service, prize, and giveaway is unique. Everything from the duration you choose to run the campaign, to the Prize(s) you offer can impact performance.

During your onboarding and consultation, we will work with you to design the optimal setup in order to maximize performance. 

That said, our campaigns regularly generate thousands of leads, opt-ins, followers, etc. for pennies each.

Why Can’t You Guarantee a Specific Number of Leads?

Very good question. What if one campaign has a prize of $10,000 and the other $50? Common sense (and experience) tells us that the $10,000 prize campaign will generate much more attention, interest and conversions than would the $50 campaign.

In most cases, YES! 

We won’t take on a campaign unless we’re confident we can get you good results. Although large prizes do attract more attention and entries, the average prize value across ALL contests comes out to $369.

Just because you can’t afford a big prize doesn’t mean your giveaway won’t get the attention it deserves. Our team will work with you to come up with creative and unique prize ideas that provide a LOT of perceived value without breaking the bank.

We have a myriad of unique prize options we can source for you that cost less than $100. There may also be options to “co-sponsor” a giveaway, pooling funds and sharing leads and promotion with other ‘non-competitors’. 

In other cases we can sponsor prizes that are used across multiple promotions, reducing the cost of all participating brands while still maintaining completely separate giveaways. This is a lesser known tactic employed by big giveaway companies such as Publisher’s Clearing House. 

The duration of each campaign is can be up to the maximum duration listed under the plan you select during checkout. Please be advised that we do not suggest anything less than 30-days from the launch date in order to provide enough time for us to complete your full marketing campaign.

Giveaways that last 60-90+ days will be promoted and marketed at our expense up until the end date.

On average, campaigns with a duration between 30-70 days perform best.

You heard correctly. Giveaways, contests, sweepstakes and lotteries are covered by state law, with each state having its own unique set of rules and regulations to abide by. Given that most businesses service a broad area encompassing many states (and in the case of ecommerce, nationwide or worldwide markets), adhering to all of these rules can be difficult to navigate.

*LEGAL DISCLAIMER* – we are NOT lawyers, nor is anything we say or offer to be construed as ‘legal’ advice. However, our team has been in the business of “giveaways” for a long time. We have worked hand in hand with lawyers and law firms to develop a robust and legally sound scope of Terms and Conditions applicable to giveaways. Development of these terms cost over $3000.

We include these Terms (modified to fit your giveaway’s specifics) for our Promo Engage and Promo Rocket customers at no additional charge. Because liability for the giveaway is solely yours to shoulder, we always suggest you have your own legal team review the terms prior to launch. 

Our WordPress Software integrates seamlessly with: MailChimp, Constant Contact, Aweber, Drip, Active Campaign, and more. When appropriate, WP is the preferred option, approved for Zapier and capable of connecting to 1000s of additional marketing apps and CRMs.

For non-Wordpress sites hosted on a sub-domain we set-up, we integrate with MailChimp, Aweber, ConvertKit, Klaivyo, Sendy and more.

We utilize a proprietary algorithm along with other methodologies to detect potential cheaters as well as prevent them from being selected as a ‘winner’.

Our Promo Booster service provides basic fraud prevention, while our Promo Engage and Promo Rocket services (when we host on a subdomain) offers advanced fraud prevention, detection, ‘cheater scoring’ and lead quality metrics

Our exact methods and algorithms are not disclosed publicly so as to protect the integrity of these security measures.

As an inbound digital marketing agency we know first hand the importance of mobile-first optimization. Each giveaway will be optimized to perform flawlessly on mobile devices to increase conversion rates.

As with any campaign, be it on Facebook, Google, etc., there will be a certain number of ‘entrants/leads’ that provide false information, or who are only interested in the prize or info, but with no immediate intention of buying.

On average, up to 35% of leads from Facebook provide ‘fake emails’, while ‘bot’ traffic accounts for 50% of total gross traffic to ads. 

By contrast, contest entrants tend to enter CORRECT information because that is the only way they can be contacted in the event that they win the prize. This dramatically increases the quality and accuracy of the leads’ submitted information.

Giveaways also generally require multiple ‘actions’, such as following you on YouTube, Facebook or other social platforms, providing you the opportunity to continually market to this (now captive) audience.

That said, there are certain niches or industries in which giveaways work best. Giveaways tend to perform better for B2C businesses with demographics in alignment with those who participate.


Are you looking to go BIG with your next promotion but are worried about BIG payout implications? Did you know that major corporations such as McDonalds (i.e. Monopoly Game Contest) take out “Sweepstakes Insurance” just in case someone hits the big payout? 

For pennies on the dollar you too can insure a giveaway just in case someone hits it big. This allows you to maximize exposure, interest, and ROI while minimizing the potential for paying big out of pocket.

Although we aren’t an insurance company, we can take on the role of “Sponsor” as well as your “Administrator” of the campaign to handle this aspect for you (additional insurance charges apply). Or, we can connect you directly with an insurance provider for coverage.


82-96% United States (unless the campaign specifically targets another country)


48% of those 50-64 in age are likely to enter giveaways in the USA
47% of those 35-49 in age are likely to enter giveaways in the USA
39% of those 18-34 in age are likely to enter giveaways in the USA 


USA Traffic: broad, encompassing low to upper middle class
GLOBAL Traffic: 36% of entrants are high income, 32% middle class, 28% low income



Arts and Entertainment

News and Media

Food and Drink

Home and Garden


Coupon and rebates

Yes, although most traffic is USA based, we can promote your giveaway to a global audience. We also have targeting available for Canada and the UK specifically. 

*PRICING* – please note that pricing for ‘country specific’ may vary. These prices will be reflected during checkout or you may be asked to connect with a giveaway specialist on our team for future information. 

Yes. If you have any questions or concerns about the prohibited list below, please refer to reach out to us to see if we can accommodate your needs. Some items on the prohibited list can be accommodated on a case by case basis.

We reserve the right, at our sole discretion, to refuse promotion of any businesses, individuals, websites, products, services deemed to:

  • Be libelous in Nature
  • Have harmful intent
  • Consist of sexually explicit topics or material
  • Involve litigation or legal cases
  • Affiliate marketing (i.e. using affiliate links to promote a product in a promo is generally disallowed)
  • Promote unsafe or dangerous products, services or supplements
  • Promote online pharmaceuticals or drugs
  • Be part of an MLM scheme
  • Promote or disseminate false information
  • Be related to gambling
  • Be related to Payday loans or predatory lending
  • Involve unverified celebrity endorsements
  • Involve cryptocurrency
  • Promote investments, partnerships, business deals, acquisitions, venture capital or private equity
  • Involve copied or plagiarized content
  • Promote stock or investment recommendations
  • Involve pirated or unauthorized premium video streaming or download sites
  • Involve blackhat SEO or marketing
  • Involve anything that is or promotes anything illegal